Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I can see your tears on your last day with F-Ran-sTer

At last you are here! S-e-o-k L-e-e, this is how i spell the name, so that Mr Google couldn't find it..heheh.. same as M-ayba-nk or meoowwbannkk..heheheh
Today, we all dah start missing you.. rinduuuu..
Something that I admid being F-R-A-N-S-T-E-R, is about our relationship. Truly 1 Malaysian from heart to heart..
I still remember your first day in office, really2 sorry sebab i couldn't entertain u. As usual,i look serius, rushing here & there, doing that & this..or kene marah ..sob sobb and i really hope that patience is always with me..
Yeah, being there is GREAT pressure
But i never see you face in stress mode, you are cheerful young lady & calm. I really happy when we hang out together -movies-makan2-chatting *even-though i rarely have time with u all*
I suke dengar your story
I suke dengar your Positive word

My lovely LeeLee, for sure i'll invite you, J-e-SS, Ya-Nie, SuZ-en, S-H-Y, Tey-ha etc on my BIG day!

Dont forget us! Keep in touch & good luck in your future undertakings.

You can erase F-R-AN but please dont erase us from your memory

P/s :Blog is the place where i express my feeling, my experience and also place where i'm hoping for my nuffnangs pocket money. And you always Welcome to visit my heart(blog) L-eeLee... I TRUST u.. x0x0


S-e-o-k L-e-e said...

Thank you for the post dedicated to me! So touched. I remember the first day too. U kata "Sorry Im Busy". Haha

Azuan said...

itulah gunanya blog....