Saturday, November 22, 2008

my first entry

9:18 AM 11/21/2008

Hmm Its quite hard for me to start the first entry here
This is second new born blog
whhoooapp..accidently my identity Pop out

Love blogging?
not yet
but I love to read others blog.ahax
where to be started
what to be written
which language should I use
Gotcha I want to use 'cacamerba' language
Suke ati r
diz blog waz mine
Quite bored
no idea yet
yet idea don't want to come to me
shooohhh shooohhh...
where is the bulb of idea - only in cartoons
still thinking
hmm okay.. give up!!! =P


Lost yesterday
somewhere between sunrise and sunset
two golden hours
each set with sixty diamond minutes
no reward is offered
for they are gone forever


time flew away without I'm notice every second that
I've been procrastinate instead of enjoying the moment
to all of my buddies
thanx to cherish every second in my life
without them I'm nothing
I know that i'm quite childish acting in immature ways
with pretty matured face (T_T) (",)
but who I am was decorated by YOU
yes YOU
so please stay tuned by my side
please say you wont break bonding between us
please dont regret with what you've been started
coz this relationship
will exist forever

Thanx for the colours that you've given to me

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