Monday, November 24, 2008

..already finished my last exam..

syukur alhamdullillh
at last, examination fever was over
thanks GOD for giving the peaceful moment during the revision session
aim for the best
but do not know how the fortune will be
i've done my best
even though i know it's not yet to be my very best

one step ahead to the future
will industry training brought me into challenging regime??
i guess so..
since i will wake up early in the morning
before the sunrise show it self
i'll show my self first in front of komuter
to make sure i'm not late
but when the evening come
i'll let the sunset hide it self
then, its my turn to going back

how i'll be suffer for the six month
or would i enjoy it??
no idea how it will be
only hoping ALLAH will drive my way
accompany me with smile and luck
then i would say
again n again n again

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