Monday, February 2, 2009

10:38 PM 1/25/2009

another few hours i will enter a new phase.not a real biggie's just an increase in my age. yeah..23 years old!! quite weird when we reach 20' i hate the number??nope!! but sometimes i keep forgoten my age. if there is anyone ask about my age, spontaneosly i will stuned for a while *trying to calculate*.pheww..
well, for my dear friends, thanx for the birthday makes me feel remembered..*i'm also waiting for the present*..ngeee.. (*o*)v

pheww..dah lama rasenya tak update blog..buhsan2..skill menulis pun dah makin hampeh..actly i'm not really buzy with the work but i'm quite tired with the distance and hours I spend at menara. fuhh..time first week lapor diri mmg rasa sgt penat. I need to wake up early in the morning and reach home after the sun hide itself. tapi skang nih body clock aku dah biase ngan sume tuh..yg penting disiplin. at first I try to rent a house. but something happen that made me twist my decision. hmm..mmg ada hikmah pon..slalu dgr owg komplen pasal perkhidmatan LRT Kelana Jaya. ye r LRT 2 mmg susah nak bagi perkhidmatan terbaik coz x der driver kowt. tu pasal la sometimes koc berhenti kat every stesen quite lame. see, diz situation membuktikan sometimes human is better than robots. So pasnih if nak cari umah sewa better cari yang dekat ngan stesen LRT Star kowt.err tp ari tuh pon downg bising star wat hal..dunno why

hmm..PGL xlame lagi.tiket2 murah byk dah sold out.hampeh tul.x sure bley p x, if ikotkn budgeted expenses cm xckup je. tp I n CJ mmg teringin sgt2 naktgk. end of march lak EnZ convo. pebenda la aku nak blikan untuk die. blur2..debar2 nak jumpe die dah la aku punye weight makin naek. pelik tul aku padahal aku rase aku makan lagi banyak time kt kedah n aku lg byk kurang bersenam time kat kdah..ishkkk2

vavava ari berlalu dgn sgt cepat

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